Everyone dreams of “Go Digital”, but first you have to digitalise

Build a durable digital platform that positions your business to Go Digital. You cannot go through a Digital transformation without digitalising the business.
The use of smart business architecture makes the business rigged to Go Digital.

No one can do this through luck, chance or impulsive ideas – no matter how good they are. We recommend developing a business architecture to manage digitalisation towards going digital.

It can be more important than you think.

  • How To Develop A Sustainable Digital Platform

    “The digital world is here but our old companies are simply not yet designed for digital”; stated by Jeanne Ross in her new book “Designed for Digital.”

  • Data-centric or data-driven?

    These two terms, “data-driven” and “data-centric”, are both relatively new. They are both frequently used, and they seem to get much attention nowadays. As with all new expressions their meaning can be vague.  

  • Prepare for the unknown III

    When you prepare for the unknown you do two things in combination; you clean up the mess and you build pure and simple, open structures that give the right level of flexibility. This will never happen by accident. You will need an architecture tailored for this purpose.