Here are some of the services we provide:

Get your models checked for quality and usability

Modeling competence is a matter of theory and practical experience. It takes time to build competence. But the learning can be speeded up thorough coaching. And a second opinion is always wise. We can be your partner and find a cooperation from coaching to formal quality inspection.

Prepare to start your architecture work

All organisations are unique. You have to prepare your architecture work for just your organisation.  Our experience can help you in establishing your architecture function. Do you need a formal mandate? Or can you grow organically through value creation? There are many things to think about – but you need to get into action as soon as possible.

IRM Architecture Process for an Agile Business

We give you a template for an architecture process that will build an agile business. The process itself is also tailored to fit into an environment of agile development and DevOps organisation. The end-to-end process is divided into three main processes. : Map and evaluate, Initiate change, and Develop and change. Here is an overview:

Map and evaluate

Architects work on a living organisation. You need to get up to speed. Get an overview, do some standard evaluation, identify main pain points and find their root causes. The timeframe is weeks – not months.

Initiate change

This is a main process that must follow the rhythm of the organisation. It is initiated by change proposals and must lead to smart definitions of change initiatives. All new initiatives must be defined and scoped in an architectural context and combined with relevant and necessary clean-up activities. Initiatives must be funded and allocated to development teams.

Develop and change

In this main process the architect will work with details in cooperation with development teams. The architect has three main responsibilities: (i) answer for the intention of the overall architecture (ii) coordinate between development teams, and (iii) complete and detail architecture models.

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