We take the shortest route. We model and analyse only what is absolutely necessary. The models must be precise and applicable. We don’t make models without a purpose. However, we find it necessary to make illustrations that send a clear message outside the inner circle. In our work in general, we adhere to a philosophy that says, “We are done – not when there is no more to be added – but when there is no more to take away.” We can also recall Einstein’s wise statement: ” It must be made as simple as possible – but not simpler”.

Data, Information and Insights

Data and information are resources to be managed like other resources. In our digital world, this is where the value lie. Information architecture is alpha and omega for a durable digital platform that can realise “Go Digital”.

Architecture at the right time

The architecture process has many deliveries. They must be relevant and ready when needed. Architectural work is driven towards decisions. And decisions need quality information. Good decisions drive change.

Commitment and cooperation

The architect must collaborate with management, business developers, and system developers. The architect coordinates and steer the change work in the right direction.