If you already know you can use a Value driven architecture to steer and govern your business, and ensure that change efforts and normal operations are guided by value creation, then this service is for you. We can help you get started.


If you already have an architecture initiative running and need to take it to the next level. Or the effort don’t seem to deliver expected results. This service is for you. Many Architecture initiatives get stuck in only documenting the business, and the architecture is not used to drive value creation and steer the business. We can help you get your architecture back on track. 
  • Working with business architecture is a new discipline. Many try to use some of the rather extensive frameworks. And fail because they implement them as if they give you a turn-key solution out of the box. These frameworks should be used as toolbox to create the unique architecture specifically for their business.
  • In all our work we put our pride in developing competence in your organisation so that you can get maximum value from your architecture efforts.
  • We start where you are today and find the most effective route back on track towards value creation, not only documentation.
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If you want to use IT as an enabler for Business transformation you need to prepare and put in place a Value driven architecture to not be stopped by technology centric approaches and ending up with IT projects that don’t deliver business value. This is the service for you, if you want all parts of a transformation effort to work together, and be able to steer it towards actual results.
  • Digital transformation is on the agenda for most organisations today. Very few enterprises have qualifications or a good starting point to “go digital” or perform a digital transformation. You need a comprehensive and holistic strategy that includes using a value driven architecture to drive change in the right direction and minimize risk.
  • You will need a digital platform to be prepared for digital transformation. There are many technical issues, but you must start with a business architecture if you want Digital to serve your enterprise.
  • In few weeks you will have models that show where you are today and what it requires to get prepared.
  • Models ease communication between leaders, business experts and IT. You will see how you can combine business priorities and the most effective development efforts.
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If you have just started figuring out how you can use a value driven architecture as a powerful tool to steer your business through change towards real results, this service is for you. We will help you on your journey towards understanding.
  • We can help you by coaching, you can use us as a sounding board, and source of professional knowledge on Value driven architecture
  • “Everyone” talks about business architecture or enterprise architecture these days. But what is it? How can we benefit from it? What does it take to start using it?
  • We know that large companies may have put a lot of effort into architecture without getting promised value. We know why.
  • Our architecture process and methods are lean in the sense that we only do what is strictly necessary. It contains only necessary activities to get the results.
  • Let us hear about your situation, and we will explain how we might help you. All enterprises are different. We must start where you are.
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