High level

  • Core models
  • No details
  • Highly useful
  • Weeks – not months or years

How we can help

  • We assist you in developing a useful business architecture
  • We show you how to get great benefits from your business architecture
  • We work together with your architects (if any), your business experts and management
  • We coach in development and use of architecture
  • We do a mix of work on premise and remote
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  • A convenient blend of models for overview and models for detail
  • Urgent models available in relatively short time
  • Business architecture is developed to govern and support business development
  • A business architecture forms the context for all business change initiatives, small and large
  • A digital platform is necessary to develop an agile business
  • Significant contribution to an agile business prepared for innovation
  • Just what you need – nothing more
  • Supply the organisation with useful architecture models in short time
  • Get a view of redundancy, complexity and architectural debt
  • Helps you explain why things that may seem easy can have hidden risks
  • Gives you a business overview at no extra cost
  • Control your project environmenht level of plans and architecture – not too little and not too munch
  • Use the architecture to define responsibilities for development of common components
  • A effective view of the business – across functional and organisational silos
  • The foundation to systematically build the necessary digital platform step by step
  • A business architecture enhance communication between IT and business experts
  • Get a quick overview of the business and business needs
  • Great overview of all data dependencies with a need for cooperation between teams
  • See how small pieces come together to form the enterprise (the big picture)



Changes come frequently. A stream of change initiatives will transform the enterprise. This process must be managed using a value-driven business architecture. Leaders and managers will benefit.
We regard it as the most important tool for coordinating changes and systems development. The sequence can be derived from the information architecture. It is a must if your ambition is to
  • become an agile business
  • reduce cost, risk and time to market
Information is used to managed all of your business resources, like money, personnel, technology etc. It should be managed as a resource itself in the same manner as we manage other resources (how we plan, acquire, use etc). Information is abstract, and we need models to represent it. An information architecture holds these models and lets us manage information as a resource in a structured and controlled manner.
Change initiatives can span from small process improvements to large business development efforts. It can be a project, but not necessarily. So when we use the term “change initiative”, it is neutral for how work is organised.


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