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Most companies are addressing digitalisation, where you use IT to improve business performance; cutting cost and streamline your production and services delivery.  By using architecture you can do this AND start transforming into an agile business. This is where you take action. By using architecture you can stop adding redundancy and complexity, and instead remove them. For every step you take the next change will come easier.

How we can help

We show you how to use the architecture and help you establish process and methods. There will be several roles to involve with a diversity of duties and responsibilities. We can deliver our service on premise or remotely.

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All initiatives are:

  • realising goals, strategies and approved business models
  • coordinated to build an effective whole
  • traceable from idea to measured effect
All initiatives:
  • blend business development with well defined IT solution development
  • are defined with clear roles and responsibilities
  • are a mix of innovation, reuse and clean-up

All initiatives:

  • are defined to resolve conflicts before they emerge
  • are scoped to build and use reusable components (this will never happen by accident)
  • can be small because they are defined by architecture (and will fit together)
  • clean up in application portfolio while developing new solutions
If you manage the portfolio of projects or applications you will get:
  • an optimal development sequence utilising data-ready components
  • methods that develop a lean application portfolio
  • efficient risk handling
  • a coherent picture of initiatives, applications, users, business processes, data resources etc.
All initiatives:
  • are defined based on the same business architecture making their relationships crystal clear
  • get the right level of plans and architecture – not too little and not too munch

All initiatives are:

  • a mix of business development and development of IT-solutions
  • backed by management
  • defined to use modern application architecture
  • remove architectural debt without introducing new

All initiatives:

  • are clearly defined with a stable scope (low risk for change in scope)
  • are defined with clear architectural frames, but with maximised room for design
  • consist of important stuff that build the enterprise



Changes come frequently. A stream of change initiatives will transform the enterprise. This process must be managed using a value-driven business architecture. Leaders and managers will benefit.
We regard it as the most important tool for coordinating changes and systems development. The sequence can be derived from the information architecture. It is a must if your ambition is to
  • become an agile business
  • reduce cost, risk and time to market
Information is used to managed all of your business resources, like money, personnel, technology etc. It should be managed as a resource itself in the same manner as we manage other resources (how we plan, acquire, use etc). Information is abstract, and we need models to represent it. An information architecture holds these models and lets us manage information as a resource in a structured and controlled manner.
Change initiatives can span from small process improvements to large business development efforts. It can be a project, but not necessarily. So when we use the term “change initiative”, it is neutral for how work is organised.


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